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Increases your capital, even when you are asleep

A revolutionary platform that makes profitable transactions for you via the Binance API in automatic mode without a subscription fee

Our advantages

Low risks

The service uses the most advanced trading and arbitrage algorithms with a minimum level of risk, based on machine learning.

Regular income

The service finds the most favorable conditions on the exchange for thousands of transactions with a profit, which provides a small but regular level of income almost every day.

Without a subscription fee

The service earns only a commission from profitable automatic transactions. There is no subscription fee, commission for your own transactions and entrance fees.


We do not accept or store your funds, we do not have access to withdrawals from your accounts in the exchanges.

It's simple!

You do not need to configure various parameters and constantly monitor, just press one button.

Full transparency

You will be able to observe each of the thousands of transactions, see the amounts, duration, profit from each transaction.

The client is always right!

We provide prompt and friendly support service on the website and Telegram.

API support

Our bots

(choose exactly the one that suits you in terms of profitability and risk level):




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Users' income is generated by conducting thousands of fast, mostly instant exchange orders for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies during the day using advanced algorithms.
We do not guarantee a certain level of income, because the market is constantly changing.
With a yield of 0.5% per day (a rather pessimistic scenario during a growing market), a deposit of only 1 bitcoin placed today on cryptocurrency exchanges can turn into 6 bitcoins in a year, while the bitcoin exchange rate can grow significantly. Moreover, unlike banks and funds, API Trade C3 does not accept or store your deposits, they are always at your complete disposal.

Partner Program

Join the referral program now, while our service has not yet become widely known, and earn a 10% commission for life! This is the best way to earn money, which does not require any initial capital.

Your income depends entirely on you!