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A NEW UNIQUE PRODUCT HAS APPEARED ON THE EXCHANGE. C3 SNIPER BOT ⚡ ️ is a unique bot for PancakeSwap (MORE DETAILS:, which allows you to make the most profitable transactions when: 1) Buying and selling coins; 2) Listing; 3) Pumps and dumps. C3 SNIPER BOT allows you to: ✅ Instantly buy a coin: - Automatically: the bot will buy at the start of sales (sniper); - On command: by clicking on the buy button. ✅ Instantly sell the coin: - By setting the desired result in advance (x2/x3 to the deposit); - On command: by clicking the sell button. Момент Instantly make a purchase with a pump: In the settings, specify the group in which the pump will be announced and the desired conditions for buying and selling. The bot will automatically copy the contract and make a purchase. GO TO THE CHAT AND FIND OUT THE DETAILS: C3 SNIPER BOT ⬇️ @C3_Sniper_Payment_bot