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Listing of a new promising coin-the 5Bi token

The world is changing, and the pace of life, including thanks to modern technologies, is accelerating at times. We are creating an ecosystem that is applicable in almost all areas and combines all the best in one place: mining, crypto cashback, calendar, surveys, investments, recruiting, marketplace and networking. For development, we used AI, block-chain, and open source technologies. Promote your personal brand. In the new social network. A marketplace of goods and services available anywhere in the world. When making purchases inside the platform, get cash back. XQR has a single ECO-system of bonus accruals (mining). For various activities, earn parts of BTC (Satoshi). ⠀ XQR. one-always more than you expect! Special condition for C3 +10 % OF 5bill COINS By promo code-C3 Registration is possible only by invitation 👇