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C3 news time 🚀 What happened to the crypto world in 2021 ?

1. Movement of indexes. At the end of the year, the S&P500 closed at +26.89%, the Dow Jones at +18.73%, the NASDAQ +21.39%.

 2. The interest rate in 2021 is unchanged - 0.25%.

 3. Unemployment has been declining this year, and has already dropped to the pre-pandemic level: 6.3% in January, 4.2% by the end of November.

 4. Inflation, unfortunately, progressed, in January it was 1.4%, and by the end of November - 6.8%, this is a record since the 1980s.

 5. COVID-19. In 2021, 4 strains of coronavirus were released: Beta, Gamma, Delta, Omicron. 

By the end of the year, the number of people who have been ill is 289 million (less than 4% of the world's population), 5.44 million have died, 48% of the world's population have been vaccinated.

 6. 2021 is a record year for the number of IPOs, 481 placements took place, $ 167 billion was raised, but more than 2/3 of the shares are trading below the placement price.

 7. Last year, 606 brands entered the market.

 8. Movement of top stocks for the year:

 MSFT: +51,21%

 AAPL: +33,82%

 GOOGL: +65,3%

 NFLX: +11,41%

 NVDA: +125,28%

 FB: +23,13%

 TSLA: +49,76%

 JPM: +24,62%

 GS: +45,06%

 9. Also, this year will be remembered by some market participants for several short-visas that took place at the beginning of the year, such as GameStop (at the moment +1800%), AMC Networks, Nokia, as well as a number of other papers.

 10. One of the most "hype" papers this year - Virgin Galactic (SPCE), twice soared by more than 200% in a short time, and twice returned to its original levels.