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Total pool balance locked: 1000.0 USDT

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We're opening a fundraiser to the NFT pool, play2earn crypto project
Current yield +100% for 1.5 months.
Current yield 0.5%-1.5% per day.

What is the essence of the pool?
With the funds raised, my team will create and set up accounts on exchanges, IDO platforms, NFT platforms, play2earn games for the fastest and most effective payback. In the cabinet you will see the current value of your assets, daily accruals.
Distribution of profits with investors 70%/30% in favor of the investor.
Referral program:
Level 1 - 5% of the client's profit
Level 2 - 3% of the client's profit
Level 3 - 1% of the client's profit


Minimum amount: 500 USDT
Minimum investment period 30 days
Deposit withdrawal fee 6%
Withdrawal request is completed in 3 days
Withdrawal of profit 1 time per week or Withdrawal of profit from 100 USD within 24 hours

‼️This project is from the category of hi risk.
Risk Warning: Current returns and payback are based on this year's historical data. The value of your invested asset may change in proportion to the value of crypto assets. Profitability may vary in proportion to crypto assets. Remember that the crypto market is a risk and you can lose everything.